How to Meditate for Beginners

how to meditate for beginners

Just as there are many different types of meditation, there are many different types of people who practice meditation.

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I offer programs on how to meditate for beginners. These can be held on-site at your location, or for conferences or retreats. The length of the program will be customized to meet your timeframe, whether youʼd like it to be one hour, a half-day workshop, or a continuing series.

Programs are designed to give participants a complete understanding of how mindfulness and meditation works—and how to meditate. Participants will learn what meditation is, what it isnʼt, how to meditate, how to meet challenges to the practice, and ways to fit meditation into a busy schedule. Participants will also experience meditation first-hand through guided meditations. There will be plenty of time for participation and discussion.

There are countless numbers of ways to practice meditation. The types of meditation that people are drawn to vary; there is no right or wrong technique to use. I offer training in a wide variety of techniques, including breath meditation, body meditation, meditation with a word or phrase, sound meditation, and walking meditation. The style of meditation I teach consists of new material, along with material synthesized from many different teachers and traditions. I consider this style of meditation to be restorative meditation since it can help restore the mind to a more balanced state. I try to present material that is easily understandable and accessible to the general public, using ancient wisdom, stories, and a bit of humor in presentations so the material is memorable. If youʼd like to find out more about meditation programs for your group, please contact me.

If youʼd like to see what meditation is like, hereʼs a short audio meditation that focuses on the breath.

Hereʼs a primer on how to meditate for beginners.

Joy led a wonderful experiential introduction to meditation session for the Cathedral Crossroads program at Washington National Cathedral. Several participants commented afterwards that it was the best introduction to and explanation of meditation theyʼd ever heard–and many were long-time meditators already. Joy provided grounded, professional, accessible leadership and was, as her name indicates, a joy to work with!

Dr. Terri Lynn SimpsonOwner, Anam Cara Retreats and Consulting for The Washington National Cathedral, Cathedral Crossroads / Program: An Introduction to Meditation
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