Mindful Stress Management Techniques

mindful stress management techniques

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I offer mindfulness programs to teach skills to help with managing stress. Programs can be held on-site at your location, or for conferences or retreats. The length of the program will be customized to meet your timeframe, whether youʼd like it to be one hour, a half-day workshop, or a continuing series.

Programs are designed to give participants a complete understanding of how mindfulness and meditation works —and how to meditate to manage stress. Using simple concepts, illustrative stories, straightforward language and clear instructions, participants will learn what mindfulness and meditation is, what it isnʼt, how to meditate, and ways to fit meditation into a busy schedule. Participants will experience meditation first-hand through guided meditations, including a progressive muscle relaxation meditation, designed to release physical tension from the body. There will be plenty of time for participation and group discussion.

Many people find that managing stress can be helped with regular meditation. One very effective stress management technique to use is breath awareness. The breath is always available, convenient, and accessible. Taking a moment to focus on the breath can reduce stress. Hereʼs a situation where a woman uses awareness of her breath to deal with a challenging situation:

mindful stress management techniquesA woman collapses and gashes her chin, so her husband rushes her to the hospital. As they wait for the plastic surgeon, her thoughts race. (How long will we be here? Who is the doctor? Will my face be okay? Will I be okay?) When the doctor finally arrives and begins his preparations, she finds herself scrutinizing his actions, and her mind continues to churn. Just as her racing thoughts are about to take control, she remembers to focus on her breath. Every time another anxious thought arises, she notices the thought, releases it, and returns her awareness to the rhythmic rising and falling of her breath. This practice reduces her stress and reminds her to stay connected to her immediate experience— rather than lost in questions about the future.

When offered simple techniques to help manage stress, health and well-being can dramatically improve. To learn more about mindful stress management technique programs, please contact Joy.

The programs Joy provides convey an “attitude of acceptance” and are very inspiring at the workplace and in every day life. I highly recommend Joyʼs training program and was especially impressed with benefits I experienced from breath awareness meditation.

Judith DauschPh.D., R.D. Consumer Safety Officer at US Food and Drug Administration / Program: Stress Management through Meditation
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