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Meditation Illuminated: Simple Ways to Manage Your Busy Mind is designed to give you a thorough understanding of exactly how to meditate. Learn how to experience meditationʼs profound benefits, including reduced stress, increased focus, and enhanced well-being. With its straightforward language, simple concepts, illustrative stories, wisdom from ancient and modern sages—plus clear instructions for 21 varied meditations—you can begin to transform your life today.

Hereʼs an excerpt from a November 2013 Washington Times Communities review:

“Joy Rains, author of Meditation Illuminated, defines meditation as ʻa discipline of training the mind through the practice of awareness.ʼ She states that the nature of the mind is to generate content, or stuff, meaning Stories, Thoughts, Urges, Frustrations, and Feelings. Most of us react to life and the ʻstuffʼ thatʼs in it. Meditation is a way to control your stuff by learning to become aware of it. If you can become directly aware of your stuff, you can respond to it—and to your daily life— consciously. The book is divided into five parts. The first part describes STUFF, while the second presents the essence of meditation and how it works. The simple language, short sentences, and easy flow of the writing will calm even the most hurried reader. Part 3 of the book, entitled ʻHow to Meditate,ʼ introduces the selection and use of an anchor, or object of awareness, as a resting place for oneʼs attention. Rains is careful to point out that we need not abandon nor ignore thoughts and feelings while meditating. Rather, a meditator notices and acknowledges emerging thoughts and feelings, then redirects attention to the chosen anchor. Thus, the continuous cycling of attention between stuff and anchor as described in Part 3 can help make meditation far less random and far more intentionally active than most people think it is. Once the reader has learned the basic tools and activities of meditation, Part 4 introduces the practical application of meditation to daily life. Part 5, the longest section of the book, introduces twenty-one approaches to intentional meditation.”

Meditation Illuminated: Simple Ways to Manage Your Busy Mind, a comprehensive primer on how to meditate, is available through select retailers and through and (generally ships within 48 hours when Amazon is temporarily out of stock).

Meditation Illuminated by Joy Rains Teaches you How to Meditate


“With a calming tone and clear explanations, Meditation Illuminated introduces beginners to meditation in a way that is completely accessible, even for those with the busiest of minds.”

Washington Parent Magazine

“Joy writes clearly and directly about the practice of meditation and brings insight and humor to illuminate the ways in which meditation can alleviate stress and help you find more peace and well-being in your life.”

Hugh Byrne, FounderMindfulness Training Institute

“Joy Rains has a gift. A gift for explaining abstract concepts like meditation through clever analogies and metaphors. FOR THE FIRST TIME in my hectic, harried life I actually UNDERSTAND how meditation is supposed to work and WHY I should give it a TRY! This book is fabulously basic yet beautifully profound.”

Elisabeth LeamyCorrespondent for The Dr. Oz Show

“It’s a beautiful book that feels good in the hand. . . Not a word is wasted, yet the writing throughout is graceful and generous. . . The simple language, short sentences, and easy flow of the writing will calm even the most hurried reader. . . ”

The Washington Times Communities
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