Mindful Eating

mindful eating appleMany people struggle with eating more food than their body needs. Although different issues can be the root cause of this behavior, the effects can be similar, with both self-esteem and physical health suffering as a result. The first step in shifting “unmindful” eating patterns is to develop awareness. The instruction I offer focuses on meditation practices to cultivate awareness and compassion towards your body, along with ways to release and re-pattern overeating behaviors, and visualization techniques to promote healthy eating.

The Mindful Eating Solution™ Workshop

This on-site program is for those who want tools to create a healthy relationship with food. Class includes instruction, journaling, guided meditations, reflection, group discussion, and comprehensive course materials. The class can be run in on-going sessions, or in a half or full-day workshop.

The Mindful Eating Solution Book

My upcoming book will focus on mindful eating, and ways to train your mind, body, and spirit. It is expected out next year.

Healthy Eating Habits

One of the best ways to begin to develop healthy eating habits is to recognize your current relationship with food. By developing awareness of your current behaviors, you are better able to understand how to begin to make changes. On the Healthy Eating Habit page you can find seven questions for reflection that may help you discover more clarity and awareness of the ways you engage with food.

Mindful Eating Tips

If you’ve heard about mindful eating, but would like more of an understanding of what it is, these mindful eating tips will give you some specific steps to take. Here you will find suggestions for becoming aware of your food, your frame of mind, your body, the pace of your eating, and more.

The Power of Positive Thinking

A wonderful way to effect behavioral change is through the power of positive thinking. To help train your mind to think positively, consider using affirmations, which are positive statements that you repeat to yourself. Affirmations can be used successfully in all walks of life, including mindful eating. This page will take you to a page where you can learn how to train your mind to think positively as you begin to develop new mindful eating behaviors.

Mindfulness Training for the Workplace, Healthcare, and the Community