Mindful Eating Tips

mindful eating tipsHere are some mindful eating tips to help you develop awareness:

Notice your food
Look at the food you are going to eat.
Notice the food on your plate, its color, smell, temperature. How is it arranged?
Consider how the food got to your plate. The farmer that grew it and harvested it, or the trucks that carried it to the store, or the seeds that were grown. Consider how many people were involved in bringing you this food.

Notice your frame of mind
Are you aware of the food you are eating, or is your mind elsewhere?
Do you have the patience to practice these mindful eating tips?

Notice your body
Is there any tension in your body?
Are you relaxed?
Notice your mouth. Is it tensed up, waiting for food, in a state of anticipation?
Bring your attention to your stomach. Is it empty or full? Notice your fullness periodically throughout your meal.
Notice the pace of your breathing.

Notice the pace of your eating
Are you in a hurry to begin your meal?
Can you pause for a moment of gratitude for your meal before eating?
Notice the pace at which you put food in your mouth/ the pace of your chewing.
Are you in a hurry to get to the next bite?
Do you finish chewing one bite before you take the next bite on your fork or spoon?
Do you put the fork down between bites?

Notice your bites of food
What is the size of the bites you take?
What side of your mouth do you chew on?
What is the texture of the food?
How does it feel in your mouth?
What is the flavor of the food?
Can you notice the flavors changing as you chew?
Notice picking up food with your hand or eating implement, moving hand to mouth, opening mouth, chewing, swallowing.

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