Mindfulness at Work

mindfulness at work

Just as there are many different types of meditation, there are many different types of people that practice meditation.

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I offer programs that teach mindfulness at work. These can be held on-site at your location, or for conferences or retreats. The length of the program will be customized to meet your timeframe, whether youʼd like it to be one hour, a half-day workshop, or a continuing series. I’ve offered mindfulness for the workplace programs in diverse settings, including Marriott International and Sinai Hospital in Baltimore.

Programs are designed to give participants a complete understanding of how mindfulness and meditation works—and how to meditate. Using simple concepts, illustrative stories, straightforward language and clear instructions, participants will learn what mindfulness is, what it isnʼt, how to meditate, and ways to fit mindfulness and meditation into a busy schedule. Participants will also experience meditation first-hand through guided meditations. There will be plenty of time for participation and discussion.

When offered simple techniques, employee well-being and productivity can dramatically increase. More and more companies are offering their employees mindfulness training. Large corporations such as Google, Target, and General Mills now provide training in mindfulness at work. Theyʼve realized the benefits can be profound. Increased awareness and focus. Reduced stress. Enhanced well-being. To learn more about the science behind these benefits of meditation, please visit the benefits of meditation page. To learn more about programs to help develop mindfulness at work, please contact Joy.

Here are some studies pointing to the benefits of mindfulness at work:

There was a statistically significant benefit of mindfulness training for employee health and well-being.
-Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, September 2016

Mindfulness makes employees more resilient in the face of challenges, and increases task performance.
-Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management, 30, 115-157

Mindfulness interventions at work decrease not only reactivity to stress but also the risk of burnout.
-Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, 2015

The programs Joy provides convey an “attitude of acceptance” and are very inspiring at the workplace and in every day life. I highly recommend Joyʼs training program and was especially impressed with benefits I experienced from breath awareness meditation.

Judith DauschPh.D., R.D. Consumer Safety Officer at US Food and Drug Administration / Program: Stress Management through Meditation

Joy was the keynote speaker at our hospital for Nurses’s week in May, 2017 and 102 Nurses attended the event. Joy captured the full attention of every nurse in the room as she guided us through a mindful meditation exercise. Weeks later, we are still talking about Joy and how she inspired us to all to calm our busy minds through the power of meditation. It really works. Thanks Joy!!!

Denise Rouse-Meekins, MSN, RN, PCCNNurse Outcomes Educator at Sinai Hospital
Mindfulness Training for the Workplace, Healthcare, and the Community