Transforming Your Relationship to Food:

The Mindful Eating Solution™

mindful eating programThe Mindful Eating Solution™ is for those who want tools to create a healthy relationship with food. Many people struggle with eating more food than their body needs. Although different issues can be the root cause of this behavior, the effects can be similar, with both self-esteem and physical health suffering as a result.

Perhaps the following situation, or a situation like it, might have a familiar ring to some people. A middle-aged woman is in a department store looking for clothes and unhappy with the way everything fits. Just as she feels she is about to burst into tears, she sees an old college friend coming her way. Thankfully, the friend hasnʼt seen her yet, because the woman is ashamed of her weight, probably 30 or 40 pounds heavier than she was in college. So, she does what seems like the only logical thing at the time. She hides behind a rack of clothes!

Whether sheʼs hiding her body behind a clothes rack, or in the loose folds of the clothes she wears, or behind people that she strategically places in front of her when group photos are being taken, she is really hiding the consequences of her overeating from herself. Sheʼs in denial about the health risks of her behavior, while at the same time stressing her body with much more food than she needs.

So how can she begin to change behaviors? Through training mind, body and spirit.

The instruction in our mindful eating program focuses on ways to release and re-pattern overeating behaviors, along with meditation practices to cultivate awareness and compassion towards your body, and visualization techniques to promote healthy eating. Class includes instruction, journaling, guided meditations, reflection, group discussion, and comprehensive course materials. The class can be run in on-going sessions, or in a half or full-day workshop.

If youʼd like more information on scheduling The Mindful Eating Solution™ for your organization, please contact Joy.

The course is a wonderful six weeks filled with strategies to help people become mindful of their relationship to food. In this day of fast, processed food, it is helpful to return to the real reason we eat – to nourish the body.

ParticipantMCRD Mindful Eating Class

I highly recommend the course. The focus on compassion, awareness, repatterning, and envisioning gave a new perspective and life-changing strategies in my relationship to food.

ParticipantMCRD Mindful Eating Class

I really got a lot out of your class. I’ve struggled a good deal of my adult life with overeating, and I realize that any successful solution will involve lifelong vigilance. The value of your class has been teaching me to look on this lifestyle change in a 100% positive light, rather than wringing my hands over the past. I’ve lost over 15 lbs. since class started last month, and I feel great. Thanks for all of your great advice and support!

ParticipantMCRD MIndful Eating Class
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