“Joy Rains has a gift. A gift for explaining abstract concepts like meditation through clever analogies and metaphors. For the first time in my hectic, harried life I actually UNDERSTAND how meditation is supposed to work and why I should give it a try! This book is fabulously basic yet beautifully profound. I was skeptical that I could learn something like meditation by listening to an audiobook. I thought surely I’d need a guru, a sage, to meet with me in person and show me the way. WRONG! Joy is that person, one of the most sought-after meditation coaches in the country…now available to you and me! Listen to Meditation Illuminated and let her guide you – with wisdom and humor – toward a less cluttered, chaotic mind.”

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Programs and Event Testimonials

Joy joined our organization during a time when our staff were facing many external stress points. In three sessions, she was able to provide our staff tools to help them practically practice mindfulness. Many staff commented afterwards that the sessions were helpful and they felt Joy’s calming practical approach was an easy entrance to understand how to practice mindfulness and meditation. Many staff are hoping we bring Joy back!

Joy was the keynote speaker at our hospital for Nurses’s week in May, 2017 and 102 Nurses attended the event. Joy captured the full attention of every nurse in the room as she guided us through a mindful meditation exercise. Weeks later, we are still talking about Joy and how she inspired us to all to calm our busy minds through the power of meditation. It really works. Thanks Joy!!!

Joy is a teacher who really makes you think in new ways. She led a 3-part class on Mindfulness for Sales Professionals at my office. I was skeptical that I would be able to meditate at all, and I had no idea what mindfulness is or how it might help me, but her clear explanations and examples showed me how useful these techniques can be in my interactions with clients and in other parts of my life. Her books are excellent too. She would make a fabulous keynote speaker at any meeting of sales professionals, and her classes are very worthwhile. I highly recommend Joy.

Joy’s mindful sales training program was great. The time flew by in each of the four sessions. I especially liked her service-oriented approach to selling and the mindful listening exercises she had us do. She also taught my reps a lot of different ways to reduce stress and stay positive. I was so impressed with Joy’s program, that I’m planning on having her back for more training.

Your presentation at our dinner meeting last month was so enthusiastically received that I want to take this opportunity to thank you. Our group was delighted to participate in this straightforward, dynamic presentation. The agents gained so much useable information in a short period of time, and they were inspired by what they heard and learned. I was surprised at how quickly the hour went by. I’m sure we’ll be welcoming you back as our keynote speaker in the future.

I had the pleasure of taking Joy’s three-day mindfulness training sessions and it was an excellent experience. The sessions were helpful in understanding the importance of meditation, both in business and every day life. Joy passed along tips on different meditation methods which I’ve already started putting to good use! Her friendly and inviting manner helped to make the class very interactive and fun. Highly recommended!

The programs Joy provides convey an “attitude of acceptance” and are very inspiring at the work place and in every day life. I highly recommend Joy’s training program and was especially impressed with benefits I experienced from the breath awareness meditation.

When Joy came to my workplace at the Food and Drug Administration to lead a class on mindfulness meditation, we received so much positive feedback on how helpful the class was for learning to reducing our stress level and on how much the class enjoyed it.  Because we received so much positive feedback, we invited Joy back to teach another class!

Thank you so much for the educational, restful, and rejuvenating meditation experience yesterday. I think it really gave us all a peacefulness of body and mind with which to conduct the rest of our meeting. And I loved the different types of meditation that you taught us!

Joy led a wonderful experiential introduction to meditation session for the Cathedral Crossroads program at Washington National Cathedral. Several participants commented afterwards that it was the best introduction to and explanation of meditation they’d ever heard–and many were long-time meditators already. Joy provided grounded, professional, accessible leadership and was, as her name indicates, a joy to work with!

Your talk was pitch perfect. It was instructional and experiential. You gave clear directions, scientific justifications, memorable examples, and well-thought answers. Everything was just what our group of busy minds needed.

Joy was very prepared and made this easy—wanted more!

Very rewarding. Highly recommend this class.

Joy Rains is really skilled in her teaching.

I liked how the instructor went step by step to clearly explain the methodology.

Incalculable value!

This class was excellent and well-organized.

Joy is a wonderful teacher: organized, prepared, accepting of all questions & viewpoints, caring.

This class helped me to understand more of what meditation actually means, as opposed to the myths of what people think it is.

I gained a feeling of confidence that I know what I’m supposed to do.

The instructor is very good at explaining meditation—thank you, Joy!

Thank you—loved the class and the real-life applications.

Joy took time to make us feel comfortable to work on meditation by practicing & not just talking. Very beneficial & practical & helpful as a catalyst to continue meditating.

Joy is a wonderful source of knowledge on subject! Great teacher!

The many techniques covered have been VERY helpful. Great class! Thank you SO much!

Loved the method of teaching.

Terrific. Great way about her. Great personality, very personable and approachable. Great voice.

Meditation is wonderful and especially as she teaches it!

Joy was a great teacher. We have never done meditation before and now we always will.

Love her!! Please do more with Joy.