meditationMillions of people worldwide have transformed their lives through the ancient practice of meditation. Below are links that give you more information about meditation: what it is, a comprehensive and concise book on how to meditate, a brief overview of the science behind the benefits of meditation, meditation strategies, and some written and audio guided meditations to try.

What is Meditation

Many people have misconceptions about meditation, thinking itʼs a practice of stopping all thoughts. To find out about the purpose of meditation, please visit the What is Meditation page.

How to Meditate Book

If youʼd like to learn to meditate, but donʼt have much time, hereʼs a comprehensive—and concise—primer on meditation to get you “up and running.” It even includes instructions for 21 different meditations. Itʼs available on and

Benefits of Meditation

The scientific community has published many findings about meditation. For a brief overview of the science behind the benefits of meditation, you can find more information on this page.

Meditation Strategies 

If youʼre brand new to meditation, or if youʼve tried meditation and have run into “obstacles” that make the practice seem difficult and inaccessible, here are some strategies to help you meet some of the challenges of the practice.

Guided Meditation

If youʼd like to try an audio guided mediation, you can find a few on this page. One is slightly longer than two minutes. If you devote just two minutes a day to listening to a guided meditation, you may find you are able to fit meditation into a busy schedule.

Mindfulness Training for the Workplace, Healthcare, and the Community