When I learned to meditate, it took me years to understand the practice and apply mindfulness skills to life. Eventually, I realized so many benefits, that I wanted to shorten the learning curve for others. Meditation Illuminated is a primer for those new to meditation, although people who are more experienced have praised the book as being a valuable resource. As a sales professional, I found that meditation and mindfulness skills helped lead to a highly successful sales career. In Ignite Your Sales Power!, I share simple techniques to build strong client relations and power your sales, whether you’re a sales professional, an entrepreneur, or a small business owner.

Learn to Meditate Book

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Mindful Sales Book

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Mindful 180

Welcome to Mindful 180! This podcast is tailored for the beginning meditator, with clear instructions and meditation techniques that are simple to practice. Each episode begins with a brief introduction, followed by a guided meditation, visualization, or mindfulness lesson. Topics covered will include relaxation, stress relief, mindfulness in daily living, healing, and more.  Read more.

Mindfulness for Sales Professionals

My husband Bill and I are are both lifelong sales professionals, so we launched this podcast to share lessons we’ve learned—and best practices for integrating mindfulness into sales activities. Although the podcast is geared toward those who interact with customers, many folks who don’t fall into these categories say how much they enjoy the series. Each brief episode ends with a short guided meditation or visualization.

What People are Saying

“Joy Rains has a gift. A gift for explaining abstract concepts like meditation through clever analogies and metaphors. FOR THE FIRST TIME in my hectic, harried life I actually UNDERSTAND how meditation is supposed to work and WHY I should give it a TRY! [Her] book is fabulously basic yet beautifully profound. . .”

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Joy was the keynote speaker at our hospital for Nurses’s week in May, 2017 and 102 Nurses attended the event. Joy captured the full attention of every nurse in the room as she guided us through a mindful meditation exercise. Weeks later, we are still talking about Joy and how she inspired us to all to calm our busy minds through the power of meditation. It really works. Thanks Joy!!!

“Joy is a teacher who really makes you think in new ways… I had no idea what mindfulness is or how it might help me, but her clear explanations and examples showed me how useful these techniques can be in my interactions with clients and in other parts of my life. Her books are excellent too. She would make a fabulous keynote speaker at any meeting of sales professionals, and her classes are very worthwhile. I highly recommend Joy.”