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Joy Rains has a gift. A gift for explaining abstract concepts like meditation through clever analogies and metaphors. FOR THE FIRST TIME in my hectic, harried life I actually UNDERSTAND how meditation is supposed to work and WHY I should give it a TRY! This book is fabulously basic yet beautifully profound. I was skeptical that I could learn something like meditation by reading about it. I thought surely I’d need a guru, a sage, to meet with me in person and show me the way. WRONG! Joy IS that person, one of the most sought-after meditation coaches in the nation’s capital… now available to YOU and ME! Read Meditation Illuminated and let her guide you –with wisdom and humor– toward a less cluttered, chaotic mind.

Elisabeth Leamy, Correspondent for The Dr. Oz Show
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Programs and Events Testimonials

Joy was the keynote speaker at our hospital for Nurses’s week in May, 2017 and 102 Nurses attended the event. Joy captured the full attention of every nurse in the room as she guided us through a mindful meditation exercise. Weeks later, we are still talking about Joy and how she inspired us to all to calm our busy minds through the power of meditation. It really works. Thanks Joy!!!

Denise Rouse-Meekins, MSN, RN, PCCN Nurse Outcomes Educator at Sinai Hospital

Joy was a featured speaker at our conference, MindSpring Metro DC’s 2015 Helping You Grow Conference. Participants thoroughly enjoyed her session on the benefits of meditation, many telling us that they left the session refreshed with several strategies to use in their busy lives. Thank you Joy!

Christina Eanes, Senior Partner, MindSpring Metro DC

The programs Joy provides convey an “attitude of acceptance” and are very inspiring at the work place and in every day life. I highly recommend Joy’s training program and was especially impressed with benefits I experienced from breath awareness meditation.

Judith Dausch, Ph.D., R.D. Consumer Safety Officer at US Food and Drug AdministrationProgram: Stress Management through Meditation

Joy led a wonderful experiential introduction to meditation session for the Cathedral Crossroads program at Washington National Cathedral. Several participants commented afterwards that it was the best introduction to and explanation of meditation they’d ever heard–and many were long-time meditators already. Joy provided grounded, professional, accessible leadership and was, as her name indicates, a joy to work with!

Dr. Terri Lynn Simpson, Owner, Anam Cara Retreats and Consulting for The Washington National Cathedral, Cathedral CrossroadsProgram: An Introduction to Meditation

Your talk was pitch perfect. It was instructional and experiential. You gave clear directions, scientific justifications, memorable examples, and well-thought answers. Everything was just what our group of busy minds needed.

Program LiaisonThe WMG Lecture Series: Introduction to Meditation

Your voice is perfect for meditation – so calm and soothing.

Conference participant and principal, MCPSProgram: Summer Leadership Conference. Part of a group of mindfulness trainers teaching meditation to approximately 100 school principals and administrators.
Mindfulness Training for the Workplace, Healthcare, and the Community