Virtual Workplace Programs

New Mindful Transition Program for re-entering the workplace. Contact Joy for information. 

Mindful Stress Management half-hour sessions: I now offer virtual training for organizations interested in employee or member wellness. Participants learn accessible techniques to help them manage and reduce stress. Whether you’d like one session or a multi-session series, I’m happy to customize a program to fit your organization’s needs. Please contact me for information and bookings.

Key Program Takeaways

  • Learn how to manage stress with meditation, even if you have a busy mind
  • Experience releasing mental and physical stress using a variety of meditation techniques
  • Learn how to develop mindfulness, or awareness of the present moment
  • Discover strategies for integrating mindfulness and meditation skills into your life


Joy joined our organization during a time when our staff were facing many external stress points. In three sessions, she was able to provide our staff tools to help them practically practice mindfulness. Many staff commented afterwards that the sessions were helpful and they felt Joy’s calming practical approach was an easy entrance to understand how to practice mindfulness and meditation. Many staff are hoping we bring Joy back!

Joy was the keynote speaker at our hospital for Nurses’s week in May, 2017 and 102 Nurses attended the event. Joy captured the full attention of every nurse in the room as she guided us through a mindful meditation exercise. Weeks later, we are still talking about Joy and how she inspired us to all to calm our busy minds through the power of meditation. It really works. Thanks Joy!!!

Joy is a teacher who really makes you think in new ways. She led a 3-part class on Mindfulness for Sales Professionals at my office. I was skeptical that I would be able to meditate at all, and I had no idea what mindfulness is or how it might help me, but her clear explanations and examples showed me how useful these techniques can be in my interactions with clients and in other parts of my life. Her books are excellent too. She would make a fabulous keynote speaker at any meeting of sales professionals, and her classes are very worthwhile. I highly recommend Joy.

Joy led a wonderful experiential introduction to meditation session for the Cathedral Crossroads program at Washington National Cathedral. Several participants commented afterwards that it was the best introduction to and explanation of meditation they’d ever heard–and many were long-time meditators already. Joy provided grounded, professional, accessible leadership and was, as her name indicates, a joy to work with!

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Highlights: Helping You Grow Conference

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Additional Offerings

Now offering one-on-one mindful sales training!

Sales training is essential for the entrepreneur or small business owner who excels at their specialty, but has a gap in skills. If they’ve never been taught to apply selling skills to their business, thousands of dollars in lost revenue can be left on the table. I’ll teach you how to capture this business in three one-hour virtual sessions customized to YOU. You’ll learn basic selling skills to generate more business, methods for building strong client relations, and skills to help realize your goals. These interactive training sessions will give you techniques to apply immediately to build your business. The training package includes materials and my book Ignite Your Sales Power! Mindfulness Skills for Sales Professionals. Single sales consultation sessions also available.

Labyrinth Walk Programs

Labyrinth-walking is ideal for team building, problem solving, relaxation, and more! As a trained labyrinth facilitator, I offer on-site labyrinth walks with a beautiful indoor 24-foot canvas labyrinth. (On-site programs will resume at a future date.)