Train Your Mind & Grow Your Business

Be MindfulHave you heard the old story about a traveller riding a wild horse? He’s clinging to the horse as they gallop past a man who shouts, “HEY! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” The traveller replies, “DON’T ASK ME, ASK THE HORSE!” The horse represents an untrained mind, running wild and creating havoc. But here’s the good news: training the horse (your mind) can bring profound benefits.

To understand these benefits, let’s look at your internal mind-talk. Did you know that most folks have ongoing conversations in the back of their minds? (If you just thought, “Yes, I know” or even “Nope, not me!,” that’s the internal conversation I’m talking about.) I call this mind-talk “STUFF” — an acronym for Stories, Thoughts, Urges, Frustrations and Feelings. 

We all have STUFF in our minds. Although STUFF helps us navigate our way in life, it can also create obstacles, especially in sales situations. Maybe you’ve told yourself the story “she only buys from my competitor” or “Friday afternoons are never productive.” Or maybe you’ve been overcome with frustration after hearing NO for the 10th time. 

Now, imagine looking at your STUFF squarely in its face and seeing it clearly. Let’s say you notice a negative thought about your ability to close a sale. Here’s where you can direct that wild horse. Can you replace the negative thought with a positive one? This is the work of training the mind. 

Your STUFF can also distract you. Imagine talking with a prospect, but your attention keeps being pulled to your cycling thoughts: I hope my parking meter doesn’t expire! How should I answer his objection? I really want to close this sale! Now, imagine fully focusing on customers and discovering their needs. This, too, is the work of training the mind.

Training your mind helps you become mindful and see your STUFF clearly. This clear-seeing enables you to release negative thoughts, choose positive thoughts that serve you, focus on discovering customer needs and grow your business!

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