Mindful 180

Episode 4

Discover how focusing on sound can help bring your attention to the present moment.

3 Simple Tips to Reduce Stress

Got stress? Here are three tips to help you center and find balance. Tip #1: Create a Stress-Free Zone at Home Have a “stress-free zone” in your home. You can learn to associate a dedicated place with quieting your mind, a place where you sit for a few minutes each day and focus on your […]

Episode 3

Learn to accept the distractions that can create stress during meditation practice.  

Episode 2

Discover that meditation isn’t about stopping your thoughts—and experience a guided meditation to help you rest your attention on the present moment.

Episode 1

Here’s an introduction to the Mindful 180 podcast and your host, Joy Rains.

Three Tips to Reducing Stress in Traffic

#1: Change expectations. One reason people get stressed in traffic is that their expectation for the amount of traffic they’re expecting is often different than the reality of the volume of traffic. By approaching the driving time with an open mind and without expectations for the way things “should be,” people are less likely to […]

How to Develop a Compassion Habit

Since studies show that behaving more compassionately toward yourself and others can make you happier, why not develop a compassion habit? The brain has neuroplasticity, or the ability to form new neural pathways and new ways of being. You can actually train your brain to operate from a center of compassion. Here are some tips […]